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What I Do

When design partners with technology to support your organization’s marketing goals, you’ve got a powerful piece of work on your hands. Let me help with your next graphic design, logo design or website project.

Graphic Design

Technology may be diversifying the marketing mix, but print is far from dead. Most companies still benefit from print advertising, collateral, and direct mail. With years of experience in typography, color theory, prepress, design, layout and printing techniques, Graphikitchen can help you reach your goals with compelling pieces designed to grow your business.

Logo Design and Branding

It takes time and effort to create an authentic and dynamic logo design that conveys the unique personality and core values of a business. Wherever you’re starting—launching a new business, branding an event, or refreshing your identity, Graphikitchen can help ensure your logo has a powerful presence that connects with your audience across all platforms and devices.

Website Design

Is it time to get a website for your small business, or maybe a major refresh of your old site? Need to drive sales? Increase visibility? Whatever your business, Graphikitchen can help design and implement a custom WordPress website that’s attractive, responsive and engaging.

Book Design for Self-Publishers

Book design is a dying art. While discussions usually focus on covers, consider how much more time a reader spends staring at the text. As easy as it is to set type, the finer points of typography are commonly overlooked. Graphikitchen can help take your passion project from rough manuscript to professional printed piece to ebook.

Digital Imaging

Preserve and improve important images by digitizing and storing the files for safekeeping. Graphikitchen offers archival digital imaging services, scanning, post-processing, color correction, and repair of damaged photographs.


You’ve seen them in classrooms, offices, and just about everywere online—custom infographics have been proven to be successful forms of communication, and are an important digital marketing tool. Graphikitchen can help you explore ways to convert lackluster graphs, charts and concepts into dynamic visual content.

No corporate jargon, no marketing speak. Just good design.

Success Stories

“Graphikitchen has provided excellent service, tailored to the specific needs of our marketing plan. John is very professional and efficient. He is able to accommodate all of our graphic design needs.”

Patsy Gregory, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“I have enjoyed working with Graphikitchen for many years. When my clients ask for a referral for a graphic designer, I send them to Graphikitchen first. I admire John’s graphic design talents and our imaging department greatly appreciates his strong technical skills in preparing art files for print. He is very organized and I know that he is a top notch account manager. John is direct and honest; a real professional and gentleman to work with at all times.”

Robert Weber, Senior Account Manager, Foresight Group, Ann Arbor

“Graphikitchen has designed two Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Annual Reports and our year-end letter. John is a pleasure to work with on so many levels—in large part because he’s patient and takes the time to really listen to what we are striving to communicate and what we’re hoping for in terms of graphic design and message.”

Suzanne Upton, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, Ann Arbor

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